Types of Spousal Support You Should Be Aware Of

Spousal support is also referred to as alimony. It is divided into various kinds depending on the duration. A Connecticut Divorce Lawyer can help in understanding the features of spousal maintenance. 

The duration and amount of spousal divorce support are dependent on the judge. A lot of judges grant alimony for the same duration as that of marriage. In certain states, the duration of spousal support cannot last longer than the duration of spousal support, while in some states, the marriage should have lasted for a decade to qualify for spousal support. 

  • Temporary Support

If the divorce is not finalized, The spouse can still seek spousal support. It is used for supporting the spouse with less income during the divorce procedure. 

  • Short-Term and Rehabilitative Support

If the duration of marriage is relatively short, judges grant short-term spousal support. It is paid for only a few years, and the court determines the exact end date. 

Rehabilitative support is granted to spouses dependent on each other for financial help. It is provided to help them in training themselves to return to work. The duration of this type of support is only till the dependent spouse starts earning again. The date of the end is not determined in advance. An agreement is made that the spousal support payments will be discontinued once the spouse is retrained and employed again. The dependent spouse must be diligent while completing the training and searching for potential jobs. 

If the paying spouse thinks that the dependent spouse is not honest in the conduct, they can request the court to lower the amount of support or ultimately end it. It is essential to provide sufficient evidence to prove that the dependent spouse lacks in their conduct. 

  • Long-Term or Permanent Support

Permanent spousal support is given to those spouses that have endured a long marriage. It is granted by the judge if they believe the dependent spouse cannot support themselves or return to employment. However, even permanent support has an endpoint. The payment agreement is terminated when the paying spouse or the dependent spouse is dead. It can also be terminated if the dependent spouse marries someone or gets in a relationship with someone in a dynamic similar to marriage. It will be terminated on the terms that the dependent spouse’s new partner can provide support and handle the financial aspects of their life. 

  • Reimbursement Support

Reimbursement support is granted for compensating the spouse who gave her education, training, or career for marriage to support the other spouse’s career. It is not just for fulfilling the financial requirements of the spouse. 

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