Is Harlem Safe at Night?

You may be wondering: is Harlem safe at night? The good news is that it is. Although Manhattan is a dangerous place, there are places you can go and not have to worry about being a target of a robbery. Generally, the west side of the neighborhood is safe for walking, though parts of East Harlem can be sketchy. If you are in the area at night, make sure to use common sense, walk confidently, and don’t engage with strangers.

Even though Harlem used to have a reputation for being a dangerous place, gentrification has made the neighborhood relatively safe. While this has brought its own unique problems, it has also reduced the rate of crime. You can still stroll around Harlem without arousing suspicion, but it’s a good idea to avoid Upper Harlem after dark. While the crime rate in Lower Harlem is low, there are a few areas that you should avoid at night. photeeq photeeq

If you are interested in history, there are many places to visit in Harlem. The Schomburg Center, on 135th street, has some great photographs and articles. You can also visit the historic Hotel Teresa. This historic landmark was home to the first self-made black millionaire and is still visible in the skyline. You can enjoy the rich history of the neighborhood by visiting its many museums. A walk down one of these streets will give you a great feeling of history, culture, and community.

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