How Much Does Online Doctor Cost?

Online doctor work in the same way as traditional in-person medical providers. They’re trained and licensed to diagnose, treat, and manage a variety of health conditions over video chat or telephone.

They are an affordable option for non-emergency care, including telemedicine visits to treat common ailments like colds, flus, allergies and sinus issues. They’re also useful for managing chronic conditions and getting prescriptions refilled remotely.

Cost of a visit

The cost of a visit to an online doctor depends on several factors, including where you live, the type of condition you have, and your insurance. You may also have to pay additional fees if you need tests or other services that aren’t covered by your insurance plan.

The most important thing to remember is that the cost of an appointment is usually lower than the cost of an in-person appointment. One study found that a visit for a respiratory illness was about 50% less expensive than a face-to-face visit.

The best way to determine the cost of an appointment, though, is to compare prices from different providers. This is especially important if you’re interested in trying out a new service or provider. You can do this by using the Marketplace to compare prices across a range of telemedicine providers.

Cost of a subscription

Many online doctors offer subscription plans, which can save you a bundle. These plans include unlimited access to on-demand appointments, prescription refills, and messaging with your care team.

These services are ideal for people who need flexible care, whether it’s for an urgent condition or a mental health issue. They also help prevent doctor’s office visits by making it easy to schedule virtual appointments from anywhere.

The price of these subscriptions will depend on the services you need and your medical history. If you have a chronic condition or frequently need to see the doctor, a monthly subscription plan is usually more cost-effective.

Another option is to pay on a per-visit basis, which can save you money in the long run. These fees vary considerably depending on the service and the length of the visit, but they’re often comparable to a one-time doctor’s visit. Be sure to read the fine print and see if your insurance plan will cover these fees.

Cost of a membership plan

Many online doctors offer membership plans that allow patients to visit their doctor on a regular basis. These are generally more cost-effective than paying per-visit fees.

Some online doctors also offer discounts or other cost-saving options. These could include discounts for specific medical services or free consultations with certain providers.

Membership plans are an excellent way to attract and retain uninsured patients. They also help to build a solid patient base and provide consistent income for your practice. They are easy to administer and most patients renew their memberships year after year, creating a steady stream of revenue.

Cost of a one-time visit

Online doctor visits are a cost-effective alternative to traditional in-person doctor’s appointments. They typically cost less than a single trip to the doctor’s office and are convenient for people with busy schedules.

Some online doctors provide primary care and mental health services, as well as specialized medical advice. They can treat conditions such as allergies, anxiety, and depression.

These doctors can also prescribe medicine and send it to your preferred pharmacy. They can order lab tests, imaging services, and offer referrals to specialists if needed.


Some companies charge a one-time fee for each visit, while others offer subscription plans. Many of these companies accept flexible spending accounts or health savings accounts, which can lower costs for patients without insurance.

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