How much does a divorce lawyer cost in Appleton?

Divorces are hard and complex. Besides being a trying time for the entire family, your divorce is also a legal process that must be handled prudently. If you are filing for divorce for Appleton, you should be aware of the state laws. You (or your spouse) should be a resident of Wisconsin for a minimum of six months and must also fulfill residency requirements as per county laws. The irretrievable breakdown of your marriage is the ground for divorce, and you don’t have to start a dreadful battle with your spouse. However, no matter whether yours is an uncontested or contested divorce, you need legal help. In this post, let’s discuss the cost of hiring an Appleton divorce attorney.

Uncontested divorces

In Wisconsin, there is a cooling-off period of 120 days, which is the least time required to get a divorce. County courts often have a massive burden of cases, and judges often have to hear a wide range of family matters. As a result, divorces often have six months or longer. If you and your spouse are okay with critical aspects like asset distribution, alimony (also known as maintenance in Wisconsin), and child custody, you can file for an uncontested divorce. Because the couple has agreed on significant things, lawyers don’t have much to do except deal with the paperwork, financial statements, and the separation agreement. Top law firms often take a flat fee for uncontested divorces.

If your spouse doesn’t agree to everything, you still have the choice to go for mediation. Your lawyer can help find a neutral mediator, who will work with both parties to resolve the conflict. Mediation may add to the cost of your divorce, and it is best to ask your lawyer for an estimate.

Contested divorces

Expectedly, contested divorces take longer and are often more expensive. The last thing you would want is an ugly battle in court, which can drain your financial resources. Because there are many hearings, multiple appearances, and arguments, lawyers often charge more for contested divorces. It largely depends on how soon the couple can come to an agreement, but if that doesn’t happen, lawyers will ask for an hourly rate. In many cases, giving a ballpark can be extremely hard because the issue is complicated or there is no immediate resolution visible in the near future.

Depending on how effectively you can communicate with your spouse and fix immediate concerns, you may have to pay a lawyer less than expected.

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