Healthy Meals on a Budget

Making nutritious meals on a budget is easier than you think, and can be as easy as using pre-chopped frozen vegetables. This will save you time, keep the meal under your grocery budget, and don’t sacrifice nutrition. To lighten up your stir-fry, add a light bottled soy sauce or plum sauce. Another cheap, healthy meal is scrambled eggs. The whites are packed with protein and they can be turned into a salad topping with some low-cal soy sauce or plum sauce.

If you can’t avoid meat, try substituting it with a veggie protein. You can buy canned tuna and salmon for cheap and nutritious meals. Just make sure to rinse them off to reduce the sodium content. Try to shop at least once a week. By doing so, you’ll be less likely to make impulse purchases, so pick a day that’s cheaper and less stressful. It will also cut down on the number of trips to the supermarket.

Cooking extra meals in large batches is another way to make healthy meals on a budget. You can freeze leftovers or prepare large batches of stews or casseroles. Alternatively, you can also make large batches of soups and casseroles and eat them throughout the week. Having leftovers for the next day’s lunch can save you money and time, and the taste of these meals will stay fresh for longer. Several healthy recipes are easy to make and inexpensive to prepare.

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