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Free Guest Posting Sites That Allow You to Submit Original Content

If you’re looking for free guest posting sites that allow you to submit original content, you’ve come to the right place. Mashable is a popular global multimedia company founded by Pete Cashmore in 2005. It has over 45 million readers and a global ranking of 521 on Alexa. Its core content includes digital culture, entertainment technology, and financial information. If you have a great story or insightful opinion to share, it’s likely that it will find a home on Mashable.

While many free guest posting sites are a good place to get your first published piece, you should make sure that your article satisfies the guidelines set by the blog owner. Some of the rules include grammar, so make sure to check them carefully. Grammar is a common problem for writers, so make sure to proofread your article before sending it off to any guest posting site. If you don’t have a grammar-checker, you can use a free online one to help you check your work.

When writing a guest article, make sure to keep in mind that some will ask for social media linkups or other profile details. If your article is full of links, people may not be willing to follow you on social media if it’s just blatant advertising. It could be deleted or rejected by the site’s representatives. If the site’s representatives don’t approve your article, it will be removed without any compensation.

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