7 Common Mistakes Lead You Towards Failure In SBI PO Exam

One of the most wanted tests in the nation is the one for banking. Both public and private sector banks perform several bank audits in India. IBPS PO, IBPS Clerk, SBI PO, SBI Clerk, etc., are the most well-liked banking exams. Each year, thousands of people sit for these tests, but only a select few are successful. The student must improve on the first, second, and last few attempts by carefully planning based on the syllabus. You can get the information on the IBPS PO syllabus pdf. Are you interested in giving the SBI PO Exam? If yes, then you may know this. Due to the extreme competitiveness, students must thoroughly study for the exam, and no mistakes are permitted. As a result, this will cover the top 7 theories as to why students fail banking exams.

Being unaware of changes to the syllabus and exam format:

Each year, the IBPS PO syllabus pdf and content are altered. Some unimportant problems have long since lost their relevance. Preliminary and significant exams are now offered in two tiers. Some applicants need to adhere to these adjustments. As a result, it is only possible to answer some of the exam questions.

Having wrong assumptions in exams

Multiple-choice questions are present on banking exams. Additionally, each failed effort receives a negative sign. Candidates sometimes need to pay more attention to this and provide illogical guesses as answers. Remember that random guessing only works well in banking exams. It will ultimately let you down and nothing else! However, making sensible decisions can help you get closer to the correct response.

Answering all questions

Your SBI PO test results are negative, as seen in the announcement. Candidates must check the boxes next to the options they are entirely or moderately confident about. But occasionally, the responses of your marks are predicated on conjecture. The points you receive for the correct response will be reduced if you check an option without understanding it.

Being untrue to yourself

You may occasionally get brief inspiration before returning to your previous course. You start telling yourself lies. In the end, daily effort matters. Put an end to persuading yourself that you have plenty of time to begin, plan, and proceed. Work for your objectives as though they were the only thing that mattered now.

Having low speed

Candidates need more time attempting to resolve questions involving numerical aptitude and reasoning. Make an effort to pick up shortcuts and advice for quick problem-solving.

Being unfamiliar with online questions

For many years, all banking exams have been given online. Because they are accustomed to taking exams on paper and pencil, most candidates prefer to take them online. By using a quality online practice test suite, it is claimed that this can be improved. Try the SBI PO online practice tests with MTG to become comfortable with online surveys.

Being unsure about the tough competition

The banking exam is taken extremely carelessly by candidates. This is one of the key reasons why applicants are disqualified. There are thousands of open positions, and hundreds of individuals are applying. The competition for the exams is fierce. Thus, the selectivity is relatively low and primarily depends on performance and cutting restrictions.


Candidates should avoid these typical errors. You will get a better grade and see your name on the merit list. Before sitting for competitive exams, all banking candidates should adhere to the appropriate recommendations and advice.

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